black and white and film.

A little while ago, I placed a roll of black and white film into my camera.

Then I kind of forgot about it. Which is pretty poor form….I’m working on changing that.

But now I have the film scans and it makes me so happy to finally see these photos!

Film images are just a little bit special.

Big thanks to the lovely Amy, Katrina and Amira for letting me photograph their gorgeous faces.

And to Fred and Hannah for lending me the roll of film!

I hope you enjoy these favourites…





tea&portraits {bec}

Tea and Portraits. A personal project to break the cycle of ‘seeing’ people on the internet but never actually seeing them. We meet for a cuppa, have a little chat and I take a portrait, or two…or three. Just good old fashioned human interaction. This is episode seven and my chat with the fabulous Bec…

If you could play one of the lead roles in a movie already made, which character would you choose and why?

‘Umm…I really like Kate Winslet….which movies is she in again?’ We laugh and I suggest perhaps ‘Titanic’. ‘I wouldn’t like to be in ‘Titanic’, cause I don’t like to get wet! Ummm….let me think…..OH! ‘The Holiday!’ That’s one of my favourite movies! It’s such a warm film. It warms the heart and makes me feel like drinking hot chocolate…and I love the little English cottage.’ I rudely interrupt to inform Bec she should clearly choose Cameron Diaz’s part instead. ‘Yeah, but I like Kate Winslet better.’ Laughter from all of us, including Bec’s eldest son who is nearby. ‘I’ll be Kate Winslet in her house before she goes on holiday….oh this is stupid…..’ Thinks for a moment. ‘Oh! Meg Ryan in ‘ You’ve Got Mail’. I LOVE her! I love her little book shop and all the little New York quotes. It’s just beautiful…..and she drinks Starbucks!’ Laughs. ‘Oh, I could give you so many different answers!’

Can you tell me the last time you felt really nervous?

‘Today!’ More laughter all round!  ‘Ummm…..well, I’m nervous a lot!’ Pauses in thought. ‘I did a photoshoot for a family the other week and I was very nervous! I was shaking! But I had to put on a professional edge….and I did. I tell myself I can do it, to be courageous, and stand tall, and smile, and nobody knows I’m nervous!’ Pauses briefly. ‘Oh! And I had a homeschool visit recently! She came to check up on me and I was freaking out!! That was the one reason I didn’t want to homeschool because I was scared of the visit! But she came and it was awesome! But I was so scared! I was shaking when I was making her a cup of tea. But then she started talking to me, and I liked the attention, so I just couldn’t shut up!’ We both laugh! ‘That was a few weeks ago, I was very nervous but it was awesome.’

Can you tell me about three things you wished for as a kid?

‘A Cabbage Patch Kid. I wanted one so badly but my parents wouldn’t let me have one! They didn’t like them. So for one birthday as a joke, they gave me an actual cabbage and they put carrot eyes and a carrot nose on it. I carried it around all day!’ More laughter. Mostly at the mental image of a little Bec holding a freaky cabbage head. ‘I also wished for eight children and a twelve seater van! That was my dream. That was my one ambition. Now I have four kids and an eight seater. I cut it down! And lastly I wished to go to Disneyland. I really wanted to go to Disneyland! That was my one thing. Oh and I wanted to be a movie star too! I always thought I’d be a brilliant movie star….but I couldn’t act!’

Ok, time for the quick seven…

Cupcake or muffin? ‘Muffin’

Cinderella or Rapunzel? ‘Rapunzel’

Jazz or classical? ‘Jazz’

Bracelet or necklace? ‘Necklace’

Modern or classic? ‘Modern’

Sticky tape or Glue? ‘Sticky tape’

Leather or Denim? ‘Denim’

Oh Bec! The girl I knew only from a brief meeting in person and then purely through Facebook. It was SO good to finally, really meet you. Who would’ve thought we’d have so much fun and seemingly quite a lot in common? What a treat! Thank you so much for having me in your happy home. I loved our chat and laughing with you. I also loved taking your picture and the fact that you let me put you in a whole bunch of weird shadows…no questions asked! You’re pretty darn awesome.




Tea&Portraits {jo}

Tea and Portraits. A personal project to break the cycle of ‘seeing’ people on the internet but never actually seeing them. We meet for a cuppa, have a little chat and I take a portrait, or two…or three. Just good old fashioned human interaction. This is episode six and my chat with the wonderful Jo…

If you could gain two new skills (and be totally awesome at them!) just by just clicking your fingers, what would you choose and why?

‘Two skills….ummmm…..I think it would be really cool to be a gymnast. I’d love to be a gymnast. They’re just so flexible and bouncy!’ Laughs. ‘And they’re amazing to watch!’

Ok, but now I’m curious to know what your speciality would be?

‘Probably the ribbons!’ More laughter from both of us!  ‘I love the ribbons. They’re so twirly, whirly…and they make it look so beautiful!’

 I love that answer! And your second skill?

Ponders for a moment. ‘I think, probably… be able to paint…with oils. The paintings I have seen with oils are just beautiful, particularly the texture. I love the texture….and I’d like to paint abstracts. I’m more into shapes than faces.

If you could live in another time period (let’s just say for a week) which era would you choose and why?

‘Just for a week, ok that’s good! Because women have traditionally not been treated all that well in a lot of past eras. For the clothes, I’d have to say the late 40′s and 50′s. Just because I love the clothes! But you know, women didn’t have a great time back then’ Thinks again. ‘And also around 1000AD.’ I’m all like whaaaat! Why?! ‘Cause it was just such an interesting time in history! With the crusades… was fascinating. I mean, if it’s only for a week, it’s fine….so long as I didn’t get killed or die of some horrible disease in that time.’ We’re both laughing now!  ‘And this probably isn’t all that interesting but surnames were starting to be used around that time too….I studied medieval history at uni….and I loved it!’ A sound of understanding from me! This answer suddenly makes so much more sense! Jo continues. ‘It’s just that so many interesting things happened then….but yeah, I’d probably die.’

Can you tell me about something, or a few things, that excite you? 

‘Finding a really good book….that’s probably a really boring answer!’ Laughs. ‘But yeah, finding a book that you can just really get into and lose yourself in. Also, music. I love getting lost in some fantastic song. That excites me! And probably going off on a multi day bush walk. I love being out in the bush, and having everything you need on your back, and just getting out there in your tent. I love it! I’ve got a bunch of friends and we go every year….we have for the last three years now. It’s great! It’s life at its most minimal.’

Ok time for your quick seven! 

Silver or gold? ‘Silver’

Numbers or letters? ‘Letters’

Truth or dare? ‘Oooh….truth.’

Elmo or Ernie? Groans at the thought of either ‘Ernie. Definitely.’

Latter or espresso? ‘Espresso’

Chocolate or vanilla? ‘Vanilla’

Knit or sew? ‘Sew’

Jo, you are gorgeous inside and out. I love your laugh, your happiness and your gentle nature. Thank you for having me over for tea at your wonderful home in the bush. It was delightful and so fun to be able to chat with you kid free. I don’t think we’ve ever even had that opportunity before! Also, I will forever have an image of you in mind, relishing your week of life back during the Crusades! Totally classic.








tea&portraits {lisa}

Tea and Portraits. A personal project to break the cycle of ‘seeing’ people on the internet but never actually seeing them. We meet for a cuppa, have a little chat and I take a portrait, or two…or three. Just good old fashioned human interaction. This is episode five and my chat with the lovely Lisa….

If you could live in a TV show for 24 hours which one would it be and why?

‘Ummm….24 hours….Oooh…’ Thinks for a moment. ‘Probably two different ones. I would say ‘Anne of Green Gables.” Laughter ensues. ‘Just because I love Anne! She’s just so naughty and so vivacious! I don’t know, she just makes me laugh. And it’s so picturesque and gorgeous’. Sighs. ‘And it’s romantic. Then secondly, ‘Offspring’…..the combination of Nina and Billie. I’m just in love with both of them! They’re hilarious. It’s just constant giggles and cringes and I find myself holding my hands over my eyes just going…’ Places her hands over her eyes and speaks in a pained tone. ‘Oh shut up! That’s so embarrassing.’ More laughter from both of us! ‘Oh it’s just good value! And it would just be fun being on set and being part of that constant comedy of errors.’

Can you tell me about a really happy day that you’ve experienced? (And you can’t say your wedding day or the birth of your children!)

Thinks for a while about this question. ‘I don’t know if ‘happy’ is the right word, but this was a day when I felt really at peace, and contented, and excited. It was the day that the previous owner of our house, came around and told us that he was giving us approval to buy the house. We had sort of backed and forthed with price and we’d given him our final offer, and said that was the best we could do. Then the next morning, he came around (and we were all out in the yard) and he came up to the gate and said: ‘Just to let you know, it’s a ‘yes’, we’re happy with that price and the place is yours.’ And it was just shock! We were like, ‘This is ours! We’re in paradise!’ That was very good. That will be a day that I will remember. Not because it was my ‘happiest day’, but just that sense of knowing this was going to be our place.’

Can you tell me about something you find really beautiful?

Nature. Especially up here where we live. It’s just an amazingly beautiful spot. It’s so picturesque. Particularly the valley and then up onto the mountain. Everyday, driving back up here (if I’ve been out), it’s just like….oh it’s just home. Contented sigh. Coming home is just a lovely thing. I mean it’s just so beautiful. There are trees everywhere, and it’s not built in, and it’s so green, and we’ve got chickens and a garden. It’s just lovely. Spring is particularly stunning because you have all the blooms. And the grass really starts growing again and you know, you have your first mow of the lawn and it smells just divine!….And another beautiful thing is the kids laughing. Both my boys have a very different laugh. My eldest is getting to the stage where his laugh is a little bit more self conscious but his brother has this real unselfconscious, gut laughter and it’s just gorgeous. When he really laughs, it’s just the most beautiful laugh in the world! Just listening to that, it’s like…oh it’s good’ Happy sigh. 

Ok. Quick round!

Beer or wine? ‘Wine’

Washing up or drying up? ‘Washing up’

Escalator or lift? ‘Escalator’

Crossword or word search? ‘Word search’

Horse ride or bike ride? ‘Horse ride’

Boots or sandals? ‘Sandals’

Ferris Wheel or roller coaster? ‘Roller coaster’

Lisa, thank you. It had been so long between catch ups but I felt so at home with you. I can see exactly why you love your place. It’s so warm and cosy but surrounded by crisp mountain air. It truly is a little piece of paradise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me (well beyond those just typed out here) and for laughing with me too. You are wonderful.