adventures on the East Coast {part two}

These are the days we explored Bicheno, walked over the red rocks, roasted marshmallows on an open fire, stopped in at a local market, drove a little further, collected shells, ran down the sand dunes and devoured delicious fish and chips.

So much to enjoy and so much beauty.

I can honestly say the East Coast of Tassie never gets old for me.

It’s truly a bit magical.



adventures on the East Coast…{part one}

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of photographing some beautiful families as they explored the gorgeous East Coast of Tasmania. We travelled together and as we went, I captured little moments and pieces of their journey.

We all know that the East Coast is particularly amazing in the Summer, but we really wanted to remind travellers that even during the mid year months, the Coast is still just as wonderful as ever.

Windswept beaches, rugged cliff tops, taking a stop for a warm coffee, raindrops on leaves, jumping over puddles, breathing in the crisp coastal air, there is SO much beauty to be enjoyed even under overcast skies.

I’m so grateful to East Coast Tasmania for allowing me the honour of being involved in a few of their recent projects. Exploring Tassie with fabulous people and taking images along the way really is a dream job. Seeing my photos scattered across their Facebook Page and within blog posts etc. has been really exciting!

And just a heads up, the food and drinks at Kate’s Berry Farm in Swansea and Tombolo in Freycinet are really worth stopping for. : )

Stay tuned for part two of this weekend adventure.




June 24, 2015 - 11:56 pm

Denise - These are wonderful photos – and I’m not just saying that because I know the subjects. They capture the beauty and joy which can be found on the East Coast.

And I second the recommendation for Kate’s Berry Farm! I stopped during my Tasmanian visit in March and it was fantastic.

June 30, 2015 - 9:08 pm

Brigitte - These photos are absolutely stunning! You are so talented Lisa. You’ve captured the environment and people beautifully!


Kat and Steve are a wonderful couple, who also happen to be wonderful photographers.

Needless to say, when Kat asked me to photograph their love (in celebration of their 14th wedding anniversary), I was both honoured and super nervous!

Kat and I have been friends on Facebook for a little while now and have often enjoyed a good chat over the internet, so I was really excited to finally meet her in person. She’s a gorgeous woman inside and out, and we enjoyed a good giggle over a cup of tea.

I just had so much fun with these guys, exploring their never ending ‘backyard’ and soaking up the perfect afternoon sun. I also had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Kat and Steve’s adorable offspring. Such a beautiful, little family.

Thank you so much Kat and Steve! Capturing the happiness and love between you all was a total pleasure.






a love of autumn

Autumn gets me every year.

It’s like my eyes just can’t soak it in enough.

So much wonderful colour!

I love how deciduous leaves die so gracefully.

They bask in the warm Autumn sun, glowing in a glorious final display of beauty and then peacefully drift to the ground on a breath of cool, almost Winter air.

What a way to go.




a little hope for 2015

Between you and I, 2014 was kind of a strange year for me.

I had to take a little break from shooting because my body needed some recovery. You see as it turns out, having babies didn’t leave me as unscathed as I would have hoped. Nothing serious friends, just a slightly annoying and frustrating bump in the road.

So, I spent a lot of time turning away work and thinking hard about my photography and my passion for capturing love, people, beauty and authenticity.

Sometimes parts of me truly ache with longing when I see beautiful moments.

I just want to capture them forever, and then give them back to those people who were so blessed to be a part of something so special…and so fleeting.

I know that might sound a little over emotional but it’s the truth.

Somehow something along the way has lead me back to especially seeing how important this is with families.

I think mostly because I know how much the pictures I take of my children and husband mean to me.

And let me tell you it’s not always the ‘perfect’ ones that are the most treasured, but most often the ones caught within the chaos or sameness of our everyday.

So now I’m hoping that this year I can do that for you too.

Capture a little bit of your life as it is just now.

Whether it be with your own little family, or with someone you love, or even just you.

I’d would really love to help you see the beauty in your everyday.

And so with that, here are some of the lovely people I was fortunate enough to photograph in the later months of 2014.




April 16, 2015 - 3:57 pm

Beck - Beautiful leese! We’d love to book you in sometime later in year after number 2 arrives xox