This is Eliana.

She’s been dancing since she was two and now she’s thirteen.

As far as I’m concerned, she’s pretty amazing. You should see her move. Honestly, this girl has skills.

I’ve always had a little bit of an obsession with dancers.

I was totally that little girl who really wanted to be a ballerina. I have very clear memories of dancing around our lounge room as a child, my Dad’s classical music collection playing loudly over the stereo.

There’s just something about the movement, grace and beauty that dancers possess.

It’s a little bit magical.

Eliana was so kind to say ‘yes’, when I asked if I could photograph her.

She was also a total delight to photograph, I found it very hard to put my camera away!

Thank you so much Eli and Andrea too (that’s Eliana’s mum). She came along to the session and was a wonderful help carrying bags, and assisting with wardrobe changes!

I hope you enjoy these images of this talented young lady.






My brother Joel, married the gorgeous Liza, on a beautiful Queensland day in September.

It was such a wonderful wedding! And all the more wonderful because it was full of people I love dearly.

So many relatives I hadn’t seen in such a long time. It was very hard not to get distracted on the job!

This day was just so much fun and so full of happiness.

And I felt so blessed that I was able to capture the absolute love my brother has for his new wife.

The joy in them both was totally contagious.



November 20, 2014 - 10:35 pm

Chelsea Parsons - I hope you let Leo have one of those desserts!!!
Absolutely stunning Lisa. You amaze me xx

November 21, 2014 - 1:55 pm

Mr W Kelder - The sandwiches photographed beautifully.
Very appetising indeed!……………..

Seriously nice work LK, it looks even better
than real life!

Kelder Architects

I have three older brothers, and guess what? They’re all Architects. I know. Crazy!

Two of them are twins (Joel and Wes ), and they work together in Brisbane, under the name ‘Kelder Architects‘.

Recently, while we were in the neighbourhood, I made a little visit to their awesome office space and took some pictures.

These boys are really gifted, and I’m not just saying that cause we’re related. It’s simply the truth.

So if you need some Architecture, look them up.



things I ‘pinned’ and then actually did.

If you’re anything like me, you have a love affair with Pinterest.

All those pretty pictures, all those pretty crafts, all that pretty EVERYTHING!

I pin and pin so many wonderful ideas, but rarely get around to actually doing any of them.

Until those days that I actually do.

Yes, even I am surprised.

So, here are my latest three examples of Pinterest genius that are totally worth pursuing!

Trust me. Especially you out there with young kids. Do these.


Pin-tastic Idea Number One:

The masking tape road (with our added extras of cardboard tube speed humps, and car ramp).

This one is very straight forward. Stick masking tape everywhere. It’s your road.

Then, if you happen to have an old cardboard tube lying around like we did. Well, just let your imagination run wild.

The result. One VERY happy three year old.



Pin-tastic Idea Number Two:

This totally delicious recipe for Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies sourced from ‘The Sugar Hit’.


These are soooo good, and did not last long in our household!

You should totally check out the ‘The Sugar Hit’ blog for more mouth watering, tasty treats.

I just know you’ll be baking up a storm before you can utter the words ‘sugar coma’.



Pin-tastic Idea Number Three:

The old bi carb soda and vinegar trick.

Obviously, this isn’t a new concept but I had totally forgotten how fun it is!

We just made little mountain of bi-carb soda and then mixed little pots of vinegar, food colouring and dish soap. The dish soap makes for extra frothy, bubbly fun!

Grab yourself some eye droppers and drip that magic solution into the bi-carb. The result is super exciting. For me even. Not just for my kids.

In fact, this was so much fun, my little miss even included it in her ‘highlights of the day’ drawing.

See me there, standing on the stool in my uggboots taking photos?

That’s historical evidence that this activity was a total winner : )



Have fun friends!


black and white and film.

A little while ago, I placed a roll of black and white film into my camera.

Then I kind of forgot about it. Which is pretty poor form….I’m working on changing that.

But now I have the film scans and it makes me so happy to finally see these photos!

Film images are just a little bit special.

Big thanks to the lovely Amy, Katrina and Amira for letting me photograph their gorgeous faces.

And to Fred and Hannah for lending me the roll of film!

I hope you enjoy these favourites…