a little Spring break

Last October we took a much anticipated holiday break on the East Coast.

And when I say ‘much anticipated’, I mean I foolishly told the kids about our plans weeks in advance, and then had to spend all the days leading up to our departure counting down sleeps, and crossing off squares on the calendar! Which actually wasn’t so bad, considering we were all just as excited as each other.

Mark found us a delightful little holiday house called ‘Sand Hopper Cottage‘ over on Airbnb. It’s perfectly situated at the end of a quiet street in Binalong Bay and we just adored it there!

We spent our days doing all the things we love most. Exploring beaches, walking on bush tracks, lazing about indoors, playing board games, visiting coffee shops and aimlessly driving through sleepy towns.

The weather was fickle. Sunny one minute and blustery the next. But being true Tasmanians we were prepared with clothes for all seasons, at all times. So we just played the usual game of shedding and re-applying layers every few hours.

I honestly just relished in this time we had together. I loved our open days with no real plans, and the simple blessing of just being able to soak up all the beauty we saw around us.

I think our only sadness, was that we couldn’t stay longer.



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