April scenes

April felt like a strange extension of the Summer holidays.

With the days unusually warm and filled with the company of children.

We spent a lot of our time outdoors, or around the kitchen table making crafty messes.

The lack of rain has meant I have relished in my favourite activity of bundling the kids in the car, packing a bag full of snacks (and other necessities), and just driving.

When the kids ask: “Mama, where are we going?’

I just say: ‘This way.’

And we end up, wherever we end up.

Parks, bush tracks, the beach.

We collect shells, rocks, Autumn leaves and our fair share of bruises, and scrapes.

Other days I have woken up to the sound of squabbling and a heavy feeling of exhaustion.

I crave alone time and space to think. I begrudgingly farewell my husband in the morning and sometimes send him whiny text messages.

Needless to say, this all part of the joyous/frustrating/chaotic/beautiful rhythm of life.

So here’s to May, whatever it shall bring.





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