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When I became a mother, my mind became like an ocean Sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous Feelings and dreams, momentsView full post »

a little Spring break

Last October we took a much anticipated holiday break on the East Coast. And when I say ‘much anticipated’View full post »

Winter scenes

Oh how quickly three months can go. Three Wintery months that gave us almost every possible weather scenario one canView full post »

May scenes

May began with a full feast of Autumn colour. Our backyard changing almost daily with more and more bare branches upView full post »

April scenes

April felt like a strange extension of the Summer holidays. With the days unusually warm and filled with the company ofView full post »

shack vibes

We were lucky enough to spend the long weekend past staying with good friends at their family shack. I so adore itView full post »

a little bit of Summer

I love the adventures that come with Summer. We pack lunch in the morning, jump in the car and just go. Often we don&#View full post »

Notes (02)

So, just to catch you up, I’m trying this new thing called ‘Notes‘, where I write stuff on my blog. IView full post »


My darling friend Jess came over today for a little visit. She lives afar and we don’t see each other often, butView full post »

Notes (01)

Welcome to the first entry of ‘Notes’, a journal of sorts, and a place to share anecdotes, honest thoughtsView full post »

snow day

Yesterday was one of those rare days the snow decided to grace us at sea level. To say I was excited is a bit of anView full post »

The welcome warmth of Summer

Oh Tasmanian Summer why must you be so fickle? You warm us up so we’re giddy with sun-kissed bliss, and then youView full post »


This is Eliana. She’s been dancing since she was two and now she’s thirteen. As far as I’m concerned,View full post »

Kelder Architects

I have three older brothers, and guess what? They’re all Architects. I know. Crazy! Two of them are twins (JoelView full post »

things I ‘pinned’ and then actually did.

If you’re anything like me, you have a love affair with Pinterest. All those pretty pictures, all those prettyView full post »