Martina is simply stunning. She wouldn’t wholeheartedly agree with me of course but it’s true! We spent most of the day together on Monday dressing up and catching up. It was great to have such a large window of time to spend together, it meant we could incorporate a little variety into our shots and also meant I got to play with different light as the day progressed. It was also awesome, because I completely love this sort of photography and hope to do a lot more if it in the future. It’s just so wonderful to have so much creative freedom!

Martina was also fabulous because she was brave enough to wear pretty, summery clothes on a day that was not exactly summery at all! But she’s had modeling experience so she knows all about sacrificing comfort to get a great shot. ¬†And of course it’s always worth the pain in the end….says me in my comfy jeans, jumper and sneakers from behind the camera! Such a meanie ; )

Thanks so much for being so gorgeous Martina and I can’t wait to join forces again and share our abundant ideas very soon!



October 2, 2010 - 7:43 pm

Anita Hofland - Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Martina must love them. Is this Martina a dutch lady. she looks vaguely familiar.

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