May scenes

May began with a full feast of Autumn colour.

Our backyard changing almost daily with more and more bare branches up above, as the carpet of leaves grew thicker at our feet.

The start of the month also came with the burial of a sweet feathered friend we found on the driveway.

Too beautiful and precious to simply discard, we lay it in the soil and adorned it with yellow treasures to match it’s beautiful wings.

Unlike last month, the last few weeks have brought plenty of rain and much cooler weather.

I have attempted to embrace the mantra ‘have gumboots, will adventure’.

This is easy on the days that are crisp and sunny but not so much the greyer ones. However, I know that time spent outdoors always makes for much happier dispositions. So I tell myself to get out as often as we can.

Term two is in full swing and we have had plenty of before school and post school meltdowns. The children are overtired and tempers flare.

Sometimes doors are slammed so hard the whole house shakes, and angry voices are so loud I wonder what the neighbours must think.

This will no doubt continue through June and so I will continue to practice my ‘be calm’ self talk.

On the plus side though, the ongoing cooler days are a perfect excuse for hot chocolates, movie watching and wearing one’s pyjamas from 5pm onwards.






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