Notes (01)

Welcome to the first entry of ‘Notes’, a journal of sorts, and a place to share anecdotes, honest thoughts and sentiments on daily life. I don’t mean like really deep, philosophical musings. More so the little things. Simply because sometimes it’s nice to know someone thinks a little like you do, or has experienced the same stuff you have, or just because a funny story can brighten your day.

To be completely honest, I’m kind of hoping the stories shared here won’t always be my own. Fingers crossed, if I ask, maybe someone else will let me know their thoughts, experiences, or a cheeky anecdote from time to time.

I’ll type out your words and do my best to match them with a pretty picture. If it makes you feel better, we can even leave it anonymous. Now’s your chance to moonlight as a phantom guest blogger (check that off your bucket list).

My only request is that we keep it positive, thought provoking, comical or uplifting in some way. Cause let’s face it folks, the internet doesn’t need more negativity.

Deal? Good.

So lets begin with this one time my 3 year old and I were happily lying on the lounge room floor together, engaging in a friendly chat.

As we talked, he took it upon himself to poke my bare legs. Little pokes first and then little slaps.

Little hands went slap, slap and Mama’s thighs went jiggle, jiggle.

What a fun game.

Upon watching my legs for a little minute he suddenly announced: ‘We haven’t had jelly in a reeeeaallly long time!’

Thanks kiddo.

It’s so reassuring to know my wobbly bits remind you of a gelatinous dessert.

Good thing your Mama has a sense of humour….or it would be straight to bed with no supper for you.










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