April scenes

April felt like a strange extension of the Summer holidays.

With the days unusually warm and filled with the company of children.

We spent a lot of our time outdoors, or around the kitchen table making crafty messes.

The lack of rain has meant I have relished in my favourite activity of bundling the kids in the car, packing a bag full of snacks (and other necessities), and just driving.

When the kids ask: “Mama, where are we going?’

I just say: ‘This way.’

And we end up, wherever we end up.

Parks, bush tracks, the beach.

We collect shells, rocks, Autumn leaves and our fair share of bruises, and scrapes.

Other days I have woken up to the sound of squabbling and a heavy feeling of exhaustion.

I crave alone time and space to think. I begrudgingly farewell my husband in the morning and sometimes send him whiny text messages.

Needless to say, this all part of the joyous/frustrating/chaotic/beautiful rhythm of life.

So here’s to May, whatever it shall bring.






This beautiful pair are engaged and full of love and happiness.

We had wonderful afternoon together, beginning in their sweet home and then strolling little Hobart streets.

Lil and Paul, thank you for having me and for being so darn adorable and gorgeous!

I hope your life together is rich with joy.




Notes (05)

This episode of ‘notes’ is brought to you by the wonderful Jess. 

Her words. My picture. 

Teamwork for the win!

Thank you darling friend for coming to my aid as the first official contributor to this part of my blog.

I love you muchly.


‘I am wary of strangers. Having moved from a small country town to a big city, every person I bump into is a potential threat.

On a dog walk recently, I bumped into a lovely, older man.

As we fell into step and our dogs circled each other’s genitalia, we got talking about life. I have to admit, it was a stimulating conversation as we shared similar careers and hobbies… minus the harmonica playing.

In the midst of his recommendations of dog walks he threw out a casual invitation:

“It would be nice to have a cup of tea together and talk shop…” he suggested.

Yes, yes, it would. But I’m sad to admit, that my first thought was, I wonder how many bodies are buried in your backyard and I don’t fancy being the next one.

Statistically, I knew this was far-fetched. But without his full name, Working With Children Number and a thorough Google search/stalk, I would never in my right mind, accept that invitation.

It got me thinking…

From now on, are we all just best to say “hello” and move on, or are we brave enough to take a chance on a stranger?

I like to think I’m the latter and yet, if I’m honest, I’m never having that cup of tea.

Would you?’






Emma&Aaron {+two}

I photographed Emma and Aaron a few years ago when they had just one gorgeous little girl….and now they have two!

I love it when I get to have a ‘second date’ with growing families. It’s such an honour to document life and change as time passes.

I met with this beautiful little family down at their shack.

Best. Idea. Ever.

I love shacks! And I especially love the extra happy, relaxed vibe they immediately allow.

Guys, if you want me to capture some holiday fun for you, I am so there!

Camping, shacking, whatever it may be.

I mean I won’t camp (no, siree).  But I’m totally happy to capture you roughing it, if that’s your thing. ; )

Emma and Aaron, thank you for letting me crash your weekend escape.

You guys are awesome.




shack vibes

We were lucky enough to spend the long weekend past staying with good friends at their family shack.

I so adore it there.

The beach is your backyard, and every night you fall asleep to the loud crashing of the waves upon the shore.

‘It sounds like thunder’.

That’s how my son described it. His little voice whispering to me in the night.

There’s an old squeaky fly screen out the front, and a bucket of water for dipping sandy feet by the sliding door.

Collections of shells and old vintage books line the walls.

The floors creak and the crockery is all mismatched.

There’s no internet.


Of course, when you weekend away with young kids there are countless non-relaxing moments. Sadly tantrums don’t take a break no matter where you are.

But at least with four parents on duty you can share the load.

Good times.