snow day

Yesterday was one of those rare days the snow decided to grace us at sea level.

To say I was excited is a bit of an understatement. I looked out the window at 5.15am to find delicious, fat flakes of snow dancing from the sky and pretty much lost it with happiness!

I adore snow. Not so much the ‘soak through your boots, freeze your feet off’ side, but most definitely the rest. Falling snow has a magical calming affect and I could watch it forever. I love how it dresses up the leaves, and covers the world in white and makes you feel like you’ve entered Narnia. It’s truly wonderful.

Our day was a strange combination of joy and frustration. It seems the children ‘forgot’ that snow is a lot like rain and will undoubtedly leave you very cold and wet. Especially if you choose to hold it (and eat it), without your gloves on! My over abundant excitement waned somewhat when our adventures inevitiabley ended in tears and arguments.

At the end of the day though we hit the snow jackpot! We also learned our lesson and packed hot water bottles (to restore cold hands and feet), and all I could hear was: ‘This is the BEST day ever!’.

So those are the words I will choose to remember, and I believe our kids will look back on this day with nothing but fondness.




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